New ICT Centre for Juaben students

The Appianyinasehene, Nana Kwanin Kwanfo II, has opened an ICT Centre at Juaben in the Ashanti Region to serve the students of the Junior High School (JHS) of the township.

According to the Appianyinasehene, the centre was put up through his non-governmental organisation (NGO), the Appianyinasehene Foundation, and also with help of Mr. David Isaac, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an employment agency based in London, United Kingdom (UK).

Nana is also negotiating with company in the UK to set up a bigger centre to serve the whole community.

The Juantuafuohene, Nana Aduse Poku, who presented the centre to the Juabenhene, Nana Otuo Serebuor II, thanked the Appianyinasehene, and advised the students to make good use of the Centre.

Present at the ceremony were the Queenmother of Appianyinase Nana Nsia Boadu II, Nana Baah Achanfuo, Nkwantahene, Nana Aduse Poku, Juantuahene, and the heads of the various Junior Secondary schools in Juaben.

Aduse Poku, who represented the Juabenhene, advised the children to utilise the facility to upgrade their knowledge in ITC, and admonished them to eschew truancy and give proper attention to their studies.

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