The Appianyinase stool is one of the Oyoko division in the Juaben traditional council.

History says, the Appianyinase stool was in the Juaben state well before the Juabenhene arrived at the area and as such the nephew of Juabenhene as tradition demands. Nana Boama Koko Se Bota was the first Appianyinasehene and he was a hunter who operated around the area.

The stool lands of Appianyinase includes Kubease, New Koforidua, Atia, Duampopo, Boamadumase and Kotey.


  • Yearly stationery donations to All JHS 1 students within the Juaben Municipality

  • Appianyinasehene commissions head teacher’s office for Boamadumase Methodist Primary

    The Appianyinasehene, Juaben in the Ashanti Region, Nana Kwanin Kwanfo II, has commissioned the Boamadumase Methodist Primary ultra modern head teacher's office at New Koforidua Circuit, Ejisu Juabeng Municipal. The ceremony also saw the chief presenting special awards, boxes of exercise books, boxes of soft drinks and other items worth thousands of Cedis to brilliant pupils. He also presented a cheque (Amount withheld) to the head teacher and his hardworking staff as well as boxes mineral water and other items. He said " We have been supporting the Juabeng Paramountcy for many years, and this forms part of my annual books donation to...
  • Presenting Books and Other Materials to All JHS 1 Students in Juaben Paramouncy

    The Appianyinasehene, Nana Kwanin Kwanfo II, on behalf of his non-governmental organisation (NGO), the Appianyinasehene Foundation presented these items to JHS 1 Students in Juaben Paramouncy and looks forward to help more schools with teaching materials as part of his Cooperate Social Responsibility.
  • New ICT Centre for Juaben students

    The Appianyinasehene, Nana Kwanin Kwanfo II, has opened an ICT Centre at Juaben in the Ashanti Region to serve the students of the Junior High School (JHS) of the township. According to the Appianyinasehene, the centre was put up through his non-governmental organisation (NGO), the Appianyinasehene Foundation, and also with help of Mr. David Isaac, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of an employment agency based in London, United Kingdom (UK). Nana is also negotiating with company in the UK to set up a bigger centre to serve the whole community. The Juantuafuohene, Nana Aduse Poku, who presented the centre to the Juabenhene, Nana Otuo...